Professional Land Surveying Services

Serving Western Massachusetts in the beautiful hilltowns of Hampshire, Berkshire and Franklin Counties

A wide variety of surveying services

Hilltown Land Surveys (HLS) is a small land surveying firm serving the Hilltowns and Berkshires of Western Massachusetts including Hampshire, Berkshire and Franklin Counties.

We focus on Boundary Surveys, Small Subdivision Surveys (ANR’S), Topographic Surveys, Wetland Location Surveys and Land Consulting. HLS provides free estimates, in-depth evaluations, and written proposals tailored to your specific land surveying needs.

Streamlined and efficient surveying

Whether you’re having a problem with missing corners, need to cut a lot out of a larger property, or, as is often the case, you just want to know where your boundaries are and how many acres you own, call Rich (Professional Land Surveyor) or Tim (Land Surveyor In Training). Our 2 person approach means that we will be involved in every aspect of your survey project, resulting in a very streamlined and efficient survey from field to finish.

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